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Massage therapy for muscle , joint and pain. Includes sports injury and post surgery recovery. Aylesbury, Bucks.

Massage Therapy

Advanced Clinical Massage
Terry Dean ACMT (ITEC Dip) MFHT

"Discover relief with our advanced massage therapy tailored for muscular and joint pain. Our expert therapies combine cutting-edge techniques to target and reduce discomfort. Massage helps promote faster recovery and improved mobility. Say goodbye to pain and hello to a rejuvenated, pain-free lifestyle. Experience the transformative power of our specialized massage today!"

Advanced Clinical Massage Is Different

The causes of joint and muscle pain can be complex. Lifestyle, occupation or injury all contribute to how well our body works. They can lead to long term, chronic pain and restricted movement. Clinical massage therapy techniques have been created to address these issues. Treatment starts with a first consultation. This includes taking notes on lifestyle, medical history and posture assessment. Further sessions will include many of the following techniques:

  • Hydrotherapy (Heat & Cold)

  • Dry Cupping

  • Fascial release.

  • Manual therapies such as deep tissue & trigger point.

  • Acupressure.

  • Stretching.

The idea of adapting skills and knowledge from a range of soft tissue and bodywork technniques was developed by the JING Institute in Brighton. The objective is to bring massage skills to a clinical level and to address all the body tissues involved in causing pain or restricting movement.

Learn more about the JING method


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All our treatments are competitively priced.

Physical Therapist


Not sure if massage therapy is right for you but would like to find out. Book a free 30 minute assessment and we'll tell you what the techniques can (and can't) do. If we're not right then we'll try and point you in the right direction.


Massage therapist applying treatment


These 50 mins deep tissue routines are ideal for general muscular tightness after higher levels of activity or as part of preparation for a sporting event. Usually covers the upper body (head, neck & shoulders) or lower body (glutes, hamstrings, calf and quads).

From £42

massage therapist carrying out an assessment


This 1hr 15 minute session includes taking your details and medical history to ensure that massage therapy is appropriate. This is followed by a postural assessment, a check on range of motion and some palpation to determine what is happening in soft tissues. A treatment plan is then agreed and some initial manual therapy will be given.

From £58

Myofascial dry cupping being applied


This session includes taking medical history, assessment of the fascial and muscle tissue and an explanation of the myofascial dry cupping procedure.

From £42

Massage therapist applying deep tissue massage


This 1 hr session is usually part of the treatment plan and may focus on more specific areas as well as the introduction of various stretching techniques. Self help and home exercises may also be given to maintain progress and recovery.

From £42

dry cupping being applied


This session can be included as part of a treatment plan or used as a stand alone treatment or for sports preparation, injury or rehabilitation.

From £36


More information about massage therapy.

What Is A Free Assessment?

If you think massage therapy could help with your problem but are unsure, simply make an assessment appointment. It takes about 20 minutes and we'll tell you if massage therapy treatment could help you to recover, or if its not likely to be effective we'll also tell you that and your assessment will be absolutely FREE!.


How Is A Treatment Carried Out?

Massage therapy is carried out on a well padded couch and towels are used for covering and warmth.  To assist the massage techniques, mediums such as wax or oil will be applied. For some treatments the session may started with some 'dry stretching' before a massage medium is applied. If appropriate hot or cold packs may also be used during a treatment along with instruments such as a friction roller or ball.

What Should I Wear?

You can come for a massage therapy session in ordinary clothes and will be asked to remove various items depending on the area of treatment. Loose clothing is often more helpful and sports shorts are convenient if you are having a treatment to upper leg areas.


Is There Parking Available?

Free on street parking is generally available within the immediate area at the Hornbeam Clinic.

Wheelchair Access.

The clinic is wheelchair accessible, please notify us if are attending in a wheelchair.


We understand with a busy life its sometimes unavoidable to cancel a treatment. Please give 24 hours notice for a cancelation or we may not be able to refill the booking. Late cancelations and no shows usually incur a charge.



Whats different about JING trained therapists?

The JING Institute train therapists in Advanced Clinical Massage that is outcome based rather than 'experience' based like spa type therapies. JING methods and protocols are dedicated in particular to people who are living with long term chronic pain conditions and musculo skeletal disorders. Like disciplines such as physiotherapy and osteopathy, clinical massage therapists will keep notes on treatments and progress. In addition they use range of motion tests and benchmarking of pain levels to measure progress.


JING training requires an in depth understanding of anatomy so they recognize the structures beneath their hands. Combined with good palpation skills to assess the state or texture of soft tissues, each therapist is encouraged to develop a 'listening touch' 


These are some of the key aspects of advanced clinical massage and what treatments are designed to do.


  • Improve range of motion.

  • Reduce impact and pain levels.

  • Take an holistic approach to treating a person.

  • Use a fusion of Eastern and Western techniques and philosophies.

  • Work effectively to resolve chronic pain conditions


Fusing ancient techniques with modern understanding.

Chronic pain is often complex but humans have been trying to find ways to deal with it for thousands of years. The effectiveness of these ancient techniques has been known for a long period of time. Combining these skills with our modern scientific knowledge of anatomy and  research, provides the therapist with a broad 'toolkit' for treatments. Underpinning the JING method is the aim to achieve the most effective outcome for you in the shortest number of treatments.


To BOOK an appointment or have a FREE assessment  

Tel: 01296 613 293 | Mob: 07769 790 690




Massage Aylesbury for pain relief


Hornbeam Way, Weston Turville. HP22 5WX

Conveniently situated just off the A413 on the outskirts of Aylsbury, this dedicated clinic room has on road parking and easy access.

Tel: 07769 790 690


Terry Dean

Therapy Background

Terry started his training at the Cotswold Academy in Cirencester and then went on to study Advanced Clinical Massage at the JING Institute in Brighton. In the belief that 'the learning never stops' Terry continues to develop his techniques through ongoing training, the most recent being at the Holistic College, Dublin in myoskeletal alignment. 


Approach to Massage

I prefer to adopt massage techniques that are effective and proven over a long period of time. Are substantiated by quality research carried out by recognized institutions. By combining traditional Eastern methods with modern Western techniques, delivered through an holistic approach, I aim to provide the most successful treatments..

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ITEC Massage Therapy Diploma (Distinction)

Body Massage techniques for Complimentary Therapies

JING Institute of Advanced Massage Training

Certified completion of the Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist course.


As a member of these accredited associations  we follow their principles and codes of practice. 

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