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Sports & Remedial

Treatments for sports and remedial

Sports massage works on soft tissues in order to help prevent sports injuries, treat injuries already incurred and improve performance. Many top athletes  will use sports massage as part of their training and preparation programme. With treatments available in a growing number of health centres and clinics, sports massage is accessible to everyone.

Sports massage treatments may be used pre event as a way to condition muscles and soft tissues, or post event for loosening and releasing tight muscle. The objective is to increase localised vascular and lymphatic activity to speed the removal of by-products, thereby reducing subsequent soreness and stiff muscles.

Remedial massage is more often carried out after surgical events such as joint replacement or accidents that have caused tissue trauma and damage. Treatments aim to minimise the long term effects of the event and restore tissue function.

Massage Therapy offers a number of sports massage and remedial treatments to help you maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Sports & Remedial treatments require a First Consultation to record medical history and carry out assessments.

Booking Time: A Massage Therapy sports massage requires a 1Hr appointment.

sports massage treatment
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