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Low Back Pain

Treatments for low back pain

About 8 in 10 people experience one or more bouts of low back pain during their lifetime and it's one of the most common reasons to be off work or experience difficulty with movement and activity. In most low back pain cases the issue is not due to a serious disease or serious spinal problem and will fall into one of the two categories, Nonspecific low back pain or Nerve root pain (often called sciatica).

Prolonged difficulties with low back pain can often be credited to muscles at a deep level remaining in a degree of protective spasm. Manual therapy such as clinical massage therapy can help rehabilitate these muscles to a more normal function.

Massage Therapy offers a number of treatments for persitent low back pain . Using combinations of hydrotherapy, fascial release, triggerpoint therapy, deep tissue massage and myoskeletal alignment techniques in a single treatment session can be a highly effective solution to the problem.

Low Back pain treatments require a First Consultation to record medical history and carry out assessments.

Booking Time. A massage therapy low back pain treatment requires a 1Hr appointment.

Massage therapy in Aylesbury for low back pain
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