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Mr H......Aylesbury

"IF IT WASN'T FOR TERRY I WOULD BE STUCK IN A WHEELCHAIR! I have 4 disc's in my lower spine that are bone dry and crumbling. This causes a lot of nerve pain. As a result, the surrounding muscles spasm as they take up the strain of support. The muscles surrounding these, then spasm trying to support the first set of spasming muscles. I was in constant chronic pain, twisted and contorted and only able to leave my home while being supported in my wheelchair. I'd built up multiple levels of seriously knotted muscle tissue, so it took Terry some time to get through them all. But from my first treatment I was feeling better. Overall he has drastically reduced my pain levels. Before I started treatment with him, I could barely walk. Now I rarely use my wheelchair and it's thanks to Terry. Thank you Terry, you changed my life. I CAN'T RECOMMEND TERRY ENOUGH! P

Mrs W.......Wendover

"Excellent treatment as always and felt very safe and comfortable with new Covid measures in place"

Ms T........Aylesbury


"Terry is a great sports therapist, I am a professional golfer and it is key to keep my body supple, Terry's knowledge is fantastic and he is also very informative with what and why he is working on certain areas. Highly recommended!"

Ms S........Aylesbury


"I started visiting Terry a few years ago due to ongoing issues with a hip injury and surgery from when I was younger. After getting nowhere with my doctor and physio, a friend suggested coming here. I am so glad I did! Terry is professional, friendly and adaptable! I saw instant improvements after a few visits, such as my hip not locking, my back no longer seizing and no more limping in cold weather. I also had a lump on the side of my leg, which had been there for at least 10 years and I thought was bone, turns out it was a ball of knotted muscle. After 2 or 3 visits, it was gone! I can’t recommend him enough and also doesn’t break the bank, which is a huge bonus."

Mrs Wilkinson........Whitchurch

" Terry, you have turned my life around and I am enjoying walking relatively pain free after only 3 sessions ."

Mr J.W.......Waddesdon

"Terry simply identifies my "problem" areas and works to resolve and ease the pain"

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